Panorama gains TV rights for the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi


The ANO Sports Broadcasting (Panorama) company has signed an agreement with the SPORTFIVE sports marketing agency on purchasing the rights to cover the XXII Winter Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014 and the XXII Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

Panorama will provide TV broadcasting of the Sochi Olympiad with special emphasis on Russian athletes, no matter how they have performed, as well as on coaches and fans.

Having obtained all the major rights for TV coverage of the Sochi-2014 and Rio-2016 games, according to the agreement, Panorama will be able to provide large-scale TV coverage of the huge and global-scale information event longed for by millions of fans. Viewers from all over Russia will watch competitions broadcast live and recorded on numerous TV channels and media platforms, including free and pay-per-view TV, Internet, mobile devices, radio etc.

The main events will be broadcast on Russia’s Channel One and Russia-1. Events will also be shown on Russia-2 and Russia-24 channels, along with Russia’s major commercial station NTV-Plus. Olympics-related content will be available on the Internet, mobile devices and the radio.

Sports Broadcast (Panorama) Managing Director Vasily Kiknadze said, “Having signed the contract we have undertaken a huge responsibility for high-quality TV coverage of global-scale events, looked forward to by millions of Russian fans and viewers. Our team, in close co-operation with the All-Russia State TV and Radio Company [BGTRK], Channel One and NTV-Plus, is ready to work.”


SPORTFIVE International Managing Director Shaila-Ann Rao said, “We are glad to sign the contract with Sports Broadcasting that represents the main channels – Russia-1, Channel One and NTV-Plus. We are sure that coverage of both the Winter and the Summer Games for the audience in Russia will be the best and of the highest quality, and will duly contribute to the success of the Sochi Olymipics and its encouraging spirit.

The International Olympic Committee has commissioned SPORTFIVE to sell the TV rights for the XXII Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014 and the XXII Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 to 40 European countries.